Return to Hog Island

I went back to Hog Island Maine and had a wonderful week, learning about sound and video, geotagging and tracking, and bird banding. The instructors were amazing and my colleagues (including 24 incredible teenagers!) were great. I’ve added a new page under the ‘Travels’ tab on the menu (or just click here:, where you can see the sketchbook in its entirety, including larger images.

Here’s a tease, quick thumbnails I did in a total of thirty minutes (though I colored in the lettering afterwards as I ran out of time!) at the Damariscotta River Association. I do love painting fast — it’s very freeing.

Damariscotta River Assn pano_small

Late Summer Flowers

The pasture is filled with goldenrod and milkweed, Queen Anne’s Lace and Black-Eyed Susans. I grab handfuls and try to capture a bit of their beauty…

800px goldenrods QAL 150824

800px goldenrods_Thynell workshop 150819

I took an afternoon workshop with Lena Thynell, who does gorgeous wildflowers. She had us try using the flower heads and leaves instead of brushes, and I found it to be a very satisfying way to capture the finer textured flowers.

A Beautiful Mess?

I finally spent some time trying out painting on Yupo this week. I have been meaning to for quite a while — intrigued by its unpredictability and hoping that the fluidity would help me loosen up. I am actually pretty pleased with the results:

This was great as it allowed me to capture the ‘feel’ of a very unkempt group of wildflowers, and focus less on what they really looked like (which is one of my weaknesses).

It was fun, too — I want to do more with Yupo!