The View out My Window

I spoke on ‘Keeping a Nature Sketchbook’ at the Pennsylvania Private Forest Landowners’ Conference last weekend. One of the themes I mentioned, and one of the easiest ones to pursue, is simply recording the view out of a window. I often sketch the trees or pasture I can see from my studio space; this particular scene focuses on the tree closest to the window, which sports some subtle mossy bits at key spots. I kept to my winter palette, which will soon be supplanted as spring arrives in full and the sepias and browns give way to prominent shads of green.

Winter Woods’ Edge

A modified view out my studio window towards the pasture and woods, using the limited palette of winter, which I always find pleasing to play with.

(I tried to play with some masking fluid to get some scattered snow, but –once again — got inelegant ‘blobs’ instead..)

The Sentry

I often walk by this lone ‘snag’ sitting in a field near my home. I think of it as a sentry, watching the seasons change and the skies move overhead.


A couple of weeks ago it was a rather misty morning, and though I didn’t get to capture that view, I felt that a loose color blend was in order to at least remind me of the feel of that morning.