I did my local walking circuit yesterday, staying on the roads as the snow was still too deep for walking elsewhere. (Though the two previous days I put on snowshoes and enjoyed wonderful walks though fields and forest.) Lots of bird activity, including several bluebirds. Their flash of gorgeous blue is always uplifting.

All of the surroundings were grey and white and umber, so this counterpoint was most welcome.

Making Do….

I decided to take advantage of what could be the last really nice autumn day last Friday. I packed up my things and went to Whipple Dam State Park, which is just under a half hour from my house. I walked around a bit, enjoyed the leaves and colors and the views, and set up on the beach next to the lake. As I unpacked my travel bag, I discover that everything was in there EXCEPT the sketchbook!!!

The only paper I had was a tiny notepad in my car (sheets measuring about 2″ x 4″!), so I tried to make do with it. Lousy paper, and much to small. But sometimes, you have to work with what you’ve got, right?