Late Summer Flowers

The pasture is filled with goldenrod and milkweed, Queen Anne’s Lace and Black-Eyed Susans. I grab handfuls and try to capture a bit of their beauty…

800px goldenrods QAL 150824

800px goldenrods_Thynell workshop 150819

I took an afternoon workshop with Lena Thynell, who does gorgeous wildflowers. She had us try using the flower heads and leaves instead of brushes, and I found it to be a very satisfying way to capture the finer textured flowers.

Painting with Daggers

Trying to loosen up, after having completely overworked a study of some gorgeous Canada Lilies the other day. So I went out to my back porch, and tried to quickly capture the blooming hostas. I used a dagger brush, which is perfect for leaves, and also great in terms of loosening control. The swoops and curves can be unpredictable (at least in my unskilled hands!). And the result, I thought, was lovely:

And it is interesting to compare it to a study of the same subject I did last year, from almost the same place:


They both have their merits, of course. I still love to work with line, and the earlier study certainly depicted the complex, overlapping leaves without fussiness. But it is challenging for me to work without the lines, and I think that the glazing of greens did a good job of conveying the crowded hostas. And the greens are truer in the most recent study, where I blended them more and create more nuance of color/depth.