Just the name makes me smile…a lovely small bird, that I saw in Peru,. This is a different Chlorophonia than that, but still has similar colors — lovely greens and aquas and yellows. And such a clever name!!


Swell Sparrow

The Little Brown Birds rarely get the glory, but I thought this Le Conte’s Sparrow was worth a mention here. Not one I have seen, but certainly an awful lot like his/her other sparrow friends!


One of the smallest sparrows, and apparently rather secretive, to boot! Perhaps I will get lucky on my trip to Lake Erie next spring….?

I did this lovely ptarmigan and it reminded me of a trip a few years ago. I was with some crazed birders who attempted to locate an all-white Snowy Ptarmigan in the midst of a blizzard on top of Loveland pass near Denver. I got out of our vehicle, was blinded by a gust of snow and ice, and climbed back in to wait for them. Needless to say, they never spotted the elusive white-on-white bird!!