I did my local walking circuit yesterday, staying on the roads as the snow was still too deep for walking elsewhere. (Though the two previous days I put on snowshoes and enjoyed wonderful walks though fields and forest.) Lots of bird activity, including several bluebirds. Their flash of gorgeous blue is always uplifting.

All of the surroundings were grey and white and umber, so this counterpoint was most welcome.

Crown Vic?

This amazing bird is actually called a ‘Victoria Crowned Pigeon’. But the name reminds me of the ‘Crown Vic’ car name. I like the former much more than the latter, for sure.

If only all pigeons looked like this!

Part of my Bird-a-Day fun is deciding how to frame and crop each image. I thought this was a great way to highlight the crown.

Bird a Day Redux

To get me jump-started with my painting (which has been lackluster, at best, this past year), I decided to once again start a ‘Bird a Day’ series. My images, thus time, are from a small calendar featuring bird photographer of the year entries. The small images are not ideal, on one hand, but on the other, it forces me to loosen up and not just to capture the literal image.

Entry 1, a kestrel: