Playing with Pouring

I am intrigued with watercolor pouring as a technique. Very different than my own style, it forces one to really look at the values in a study, and work based solely on those. I am planning to take a short workshop on pouring in late spring, but until then, I thought I would try to understand it a bit by trying some images.

This, my first one, is one of my favorite scenes from the Pyrenees from our trip there two years ago.

First: a photo from the work in progress:

I didn’t have any small thin brushes for the masking, so was trying to get some texture on the old buildings using a combed brush. A bit crude, but applying a few washes after I removed the masking certainly helped.

All in all, not a fabulous painting, but interesting to do, and it will help me work on several aspects of technique including brush control, line, and value/intensity.


I’ve begun to get back to drawing and painting structures recently. Though not strictly part of the ‘natural’ world, many of these abandoned or isolated structures do feel as if they are returning to the earth…

This wonderful silo is quite near my house, and I often walk by it. I’ve been doing some studies of it, in preparation for a larger painting when I get the use of my right arm back.

bird dog silo _Jan study 1sm

bird dog silo _Jan study 2sm

bird dog silo studies 2bsm

There is just something about this that haunts me. Not sure where these explorations will go, but I am intrigued by the possibilities!