I did my local walking circuit yesterday, staying on the roads as the snow was still too deep for walking elsewhere. (Though the two previous days I put on snowshoes and enjoyed wonderful walks though fields and forest.) Lots of bird activity, including several bluebirds. Their flash of gorgeous blue is always uplifting.

All of the surroundings were grey and white and umber, so this counterpoint was most welcome.

Playing with Pouring

I am intrigued with watercolor pouring as a technique. Very different than my own style, it forces one to really look at the values in a study, and work based solely on those. I am planning to take a short workshop on pouring in late spring, but until then, I thought I would try to understand it a bit by trying some images.

This, my first one, is one of my favorite scenes from the Pyrenees from our trip there two years ago.

First: a photo from the work in progress:

I didn’t have any small thin brushes for the masking, so was trying to get some texture on the old buildings using a combed brush. A bit crude, but applying a few washes after I removed the masking certainly helped.

All in all, not a fabulous painting, but interesting to do, and it will help me work on several aspects of technique including brush control, line, and value/intensity.